Importing medical devices

Importing medical devices

Import medical devices with full guarantee.

Obtain the necessary documentation with the help of our team of professional health licensing experts. We offer approved medical warehouses and the services of an expert product manager with in-depth knowledge of medical logistics and health legislation.

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We help companies in the pharmaceutical and medical field import products such as medical instruments, medical and surgical equipment, medicines, tattooing materials, natural medicines and cosmetics, etc.

We have a specialised healthcare logistics team with professionals, who are experts in processing and obtaining authorizations and import licences, as well as offering approved medical warehouses and the services of an expert product manager with in-depth knowledge of medical logistics and health legislation.

From 2011, we are the first freight forwarder and customs agent that has a health authorisation for the temporary storage of medicines and medical devices in a customs-linked facility, in Spain.

Services specialized in importing medical devices

  • Consulting in medical devices

    We scrutinise community requirements carrying out a comprehensive analysis of the necessary documentation and the viability of importation. We handle all of the necessary permits in the territory where sales and distribution will take place.

  • Before importing

    Before importing your medical devices:

    • We check all of the source documentation to ensure it complies with European Union requirements.
    • We provide consulting services for CE marking, among others.
  • Importing

    We can help you with the import licence requirements for medical devices for the countries that need it.

  • International transport

    We always offer the most appropriate shipping, air freight or haulage options depending on the urgency and the particular characteristics of the operation. Your products will arrive on time at their destination complying with all of the relevant legal and logistics requirements.

  • Customs clearance

    We have specialists in customs clearance for this type of product. We make sure your goods reach their destination with no last-minute hitches.

  • Before commercialisation

    We can offer you advice. If we are responsible for the products, we register the marketing authorisations for each product as well as handling any related notifications.


  • Traceability of all products from their country of origin to their final destination, particularly from China, ensuring quality control of manufacturing and supplier approval, etc.
  • Processing all of the necessary import licences for medical devices and products.
    Managing the imports as well as the distribution of medical devices and cosmetics within the European Union.
  • Coordinating the transportation of all medical devices and cosmetics according to the requirements of each type of product, via air freight, shipping, haulage, or courier services.
  • Processing customs clearance as well as initial health, pharmaceutical and veterinary inspections, etc.


A table of medical devices and their corresponding tariff headings are shown below

Mobility devices 8713 Class I
Diagnostic devices 9027 Class II
Massage devices 8543 Class I
Medical apparatus 9018 Class II
Hearing instruments 9021 Class II
Gowns 6210 Class I
First-aid kits 3006 Class I
Glasses 9003 Class I
Dressings 5208 Class I (not sterile)
Gloves and gowns 3926 Class I o II
Instruments 9018, 9019 Class II o III
Lenses 9001 Class II
Dental equipment 3407, 3306 Class II o III
Stockings 6115 Class I
Medical or dental furniture 9402 Class I o II
Glasses frames 9004 Class I
Crutches and walking sticks 9021 Class I
Orthopaedics 9021 Class I o II
Incontinence pads 9619 Class I
Insoles 6406 Class I
Condoms 4014             Class II or III (with spermicide)
Wheelchairs 8713 Class I
Pregnancy tests 3822 Class II
Bandages 3005 Class I (not sterile)
Bandages 6807, 5208 Class I (not sterile)
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